Why you need an accountant

Five Reasons Why You Need an Accountant

Managing your finances is not for everyone. It can become very complicated and dreary and detract from the time and passion you put into your own business with the wasted hours filing tax returns. Whether you are just starting out or running a top company with the aim to expand, an accountant can be a big help. Here are five reasons as to why you need an accountant!

Saves Time

Having your own business begins with the idea that you are passionate about. This excitement doesn’t tend to include the hours spent going through your finances and paying taxes. Accountants are paid for doing the financial work you don’t want to do. They will allow you to save time to focus on your business. You get to spend time making money and not having to crunch numbers.

You are still legally responsible for an accountant’s accuracy, but you can hand over full account management to them. Your accountant can do virtually everything on your behalf, saving you so much time. They can do things like complete tax returns, manage PAYE and more. They can even be the ones who communicate with HMRC


Deadlines for tax can change regularly. This can be a stressful ordeal, and getting a foot out of line could lead you to underestimate your future tax bills. An accountant is organised and knowledgeable on all things financial. They can guarantee that deadlines will be met, and you will be paying the correct amount of tax at the right times. Having an accountant will be a useful safety net to ensure nothing goes wrong and will keep all your numbers organised and tidy.

Save Money

Hiring an accountant is not as expensive as you might think. Good accountants can address areas where you could save money. This could be through claiming entitled expenses. This would cut your tax bill considerably and might mean that in the long run, your accountant will be paying their own fee through the money they saved for you!

Support and Advice

Not only are accountants there to help with your finances but having their support can really improve your whole businesses’ setup. If it’s a new business and you’re inexperienced, they can be there to look over your plans and goals. As you grow and expand, they can show you your options and direct you in ways dependant on your business’s structure

Makes life simple

Working with figures and finances is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hiring an accountant is a good idea if you dread the thought of seeing spreadsheets, invoices, and tax returns. You can sit back, relax and concentrate on your business and make money while your accountant does the work you don’t wish to spend your weekends doing. Life will be pure bliss, and you have the added knowledge that you won’t be penalised for late payments!